News about what's happening with The Chaos System


Video Streaming Upgrade

New level... Event 08 for the Toaster was the first time i'd done live FB video streaming at Bedlam. Although it isn't a small space, the setup is actually a bit tight and the video footage was never able to fit everything into its field of view. So i did some...

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Delays and horrible person behavior

It's all shit... Existential nightmarish realities of consciousness make these projects that aren't even very hard seem unsurmountable. There is a bit of catch up to do on the archives... Toaster 7 has happened and the archives are still stuck at 03. I can't say when...

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Site Updates

Updates and stuff... While the site is still unknown to people we're working on creating new and interesting ways of navigating the content... I'm hoping that all of the zero people that are visiting the site are fully appreciative of all of the work we are...

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Welcome to The Chaos System

Welcome to The Chaos System... This is a website dedicated to helping build the local Phoenix music scene. Our mission is to use some of the best sound equipment available, and to document every show we do. We want to showcase everything about a scene that is one of...

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